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The PREP Act Immunity Does Not Apply on Failure to Act

Taiwan's vax injury compensation program

Federal Judge dismisses 1,100 shingles vax lawsuits

Piercing the Veil of The PREP Act

November 2022 data for Injury petitions filed in the CICP

Do we need a specific Injury Table for COVID-19 jabs?

Are we entering an era of continuous PHE and Prep Act Declarations??

HRSA says no to COVID specific injury table for the jab.

CICP for September 2022

US Health Freedom Congress

Vax injury compensation - The last 2 sets of dominos have not been played

Global Health Freedom Summit

Our Government does not want to compensate for COVID-19 vaccine injury

Citizen's Council for Health Freedom

Need your help preparing a report to Congress

15 week course -CICP & Vaccine Court Fall 2022 IPAK-EDU

What might have been

15 week course – NVICP & CICP Fall 2022 IPAK-EDU

Problems filing a petition in the CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program

Where Do I find Right on Point interviews?

Pharmacists now can prescribe Paxlovid.

CICP data released

So when is a vaccine injury not an vaccine injury?

The UK awards 1st COVID-19 jab award

YouTube and Dr. Jim Meehan

Geert Vanden Bossche on Right on Point podcast

Local media ignoring the vaccine injured

Your medical records

Right on Point podcast format change

Grace Shara

A path forward

COVID vax injury compensation legislation

2 year anniversary of lockdowns in most states

Part 3 - Things to consider while moving COVID vax into NVICP

HRSA failed to list a compensated CICP petition.

A Massive Failure by HHS

What to do with all these COVID vax injuries.

Wayne Rohde on the Stew Peters Show

Does anyone work here?

Just released interview with Prince Carlton

Is our Federal Government making Religious Exemption lists of its employees?

Dr. Meryl Nass interview

The Avalanche is upon us