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I offer this inspiring video showing a Canadian father's patriotic way to support and protect children and to support the true health of injured souls. This certainly applies to the current state of the USA and is related to health freedom for all.


‘Billboard Chris’ Elston: A Child Is Never Born Wrong

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“Empathy, kindness, understanding: Yeah, these are all things that everyone agrees with. But what’s really going on? Lies, deception, and physical child abuse.”

Chris Elston was living a normal life as the father of two girls in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada, when he became aware of what he calls the “greatest child abuse scandal in modern medicine history.”

“And the only thing I could do was to have some signs made and go outside,” he says.

Over the last few years, Billboard Chris, as he’s commonly known, has had conversations about gender ideology with tens of thousands of people on the streets of cities across North America. He’s also been assaulted by gender activists close to 40 times—including one case in which his arm was broken.

“The actual cure, historically, for gender dysphoria, is puberty itself,” says Mr. Elston. “These puberty blockers, combined with the cross sex hormones, are sterilizing children. They’re sterilizing thousands of autistic kids. And we’re supposed to be the bigots who are speaking out against this? It’s total madness.”

We discuss the taboos and developments around gender and what Mr. Elston has gleaned about this topic from his conversations with ordinary people on the street.

Views expressed in this video are opinions of the host and the guest, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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“and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”

John 1:5

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