Whatever else we know, we can reasonably declare that , contrary to the allegations of the State of Maine, Dr. Nass is fully medically competent and fully mentally competent.

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Not sure where Dr Nass got the estimate she gives of chronically ill vets with Gulf War Illness. It has been recognized that at least 25 percent (or more) of the vets who served in the 1991 Gulf War are chronically ill with GWI. The number is somewhere in the region of approximately 250,000 of the 697,000 veterans who served in the war.

Other than that, thanks for interviewing Dr Nass, an invaluable source of information. A site that published a hit piece on her recently had a bevy of trolls out and about in the comments section. They were criticizing her for recommending hydroxychloroquine for Lyme disease. I have chronic Lyme disease. There is a typical co-infection of Lyme Disease called Babesia. It's a protozoan organism like Malaria. Hydroxychloroquine makes sense when it comes to that Lyme co-infection. I would like to know more about what Dr Nass thinks on the subject of Lyme disease.

Thanks again.

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Your link to the podcast isn't working.

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