This committee is a sham. The witnesses they have chosen, will simply spew the US government line and cover up any issues of significance in December. The US government officials lied to the committee. And it’s sovereignty grab over and over.

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Select-ive amnesia cmte..

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Maybe the name of the subcommittee, Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus pandemic, tells us all we need to know.

There is no "virus" .

There is no "pandemic" .

So what is "COVID-19", the purported disease that is purported to be caused by the "SARS CoV-2 novel zoonotic coronavirus" that was discovered and found just in warp speed time. ?

We do not know because we do not know what "SARS CoV-2" is and we do not know from whence it cometh.

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Maybe the authors of the Lazarus study should have been included :/

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