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I love your work Wayne, and appreciate your dedication in this fight for justice.

I do wish your detailed work was recognised by Aaron Siri Esq., Katherine Watt and co, the Interest of Justice team and even James Roguski, because all your work ties in with pieces they are working on. Piecing this contemptible farce of legal maneuvering laid, to inflict more damage and pain on the populations.😤🤐🤦‍♀️

One query/statement- due to the simple fact that HHS powers allowed them to call these shots "countermeasure", actually negates any possibility of compensation anyway, except at the secretary's singular discretion. This is because by changing the language, it changed the jurisdiction to be military, and therefore not subject to vaccine compensation, because under black box rules (military) human experimentation is allowed under "interests of security" legalese. Hence why I use the word farce. 😉

Katherine's, Sasha Latypotova and some others have outlined the details surrounding the "bait and switch" that occurred in 2021 and the preceding legal infrastructure that was implemented well prior to 2020, allowing the subterfuge to occur.

I hate to rain on the parade, but I think they will stall on even creating a specific table for c19 injuries, despite a tsunami of injuries globally all beginning to make public attention, or go through the motions to begin but ultimately they can't because they are not injuries from vaccine, they are human experimentation results in an ongoing trial, under military rules, contracted to pharma, to provide mass production of a military developed bioweapon. And I think they will avoid drawing attention to the fact that these are "countermeasures, not vaccines, for as long as possible, until the W.H.O is finalised as the head of one world public health, as per James Roguski's work shows the goal laid out.🤔😐

Your work is important, keep going.

#wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforgive #mistakeswereNOTmade #getlocalised

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The tyrants in charge won’t dare publish an accurate compensation table, lest they admit there mandated jab was a bioweapon.

1. Stroke

2. Aneurysm

3. Ruptured aorta

4. GBS

5. JKD

6. Dementia

7. Leukemia

8. ….

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Thank you for your continued hard work, Wayne!!

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